About ME


Welcome!! I'm Nina, the face behind The Thriftocrat


Thriftocrat is a portmanteau of two words:

  1. Thrift: This term refers to the practice of being economical and frugal in managing finances. Thriftiness involves saving money, making wise purchases, and avoiding wasteful spending.
  2. Aristocrat: An aristocrat traditionally refers to a member of the highest social class, often associated with nobility, wealth, and privilege. Aristocrats have historically been the elite or ruling class in society.

When combined, Thriftocrat blends the concepts of thriftiness and aristocracy, a person who embodies both frugality and elegance. The Thriftocrat is someone who knows how to maintain a sense of refinement and luxury while still being mindful of budget and savings.

Thriftocrat represents a brand that offers high-quality, sophisticated products & services while promoting affordability and smart spending practices. It caters to individuals who appreciate the finer things in life.


Xx Nina

The Thriftocrat 


Photo Credit: Chrissy Brown Photography