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Welcome!! I'm Nina, the face behind The Thriftocrat. It’s been such a while since I’ve updated this thing and SO MUCH has happened!

First of all, we opened a STORE! I have partnered up with Hilary of The Royal Native - which if you do not know about Hilary, I’ll introduce you briefly! Hilary, like myself is a fellow Virgo. She owns Royal Native which makes amazing one-of-a-kind clothing sustainably made from Vintage Textiles. She had a dream to open her own brick and mortar shop and asked me to partner up and make her dream a reality! Cue: The birth of: 

The Royal Native Shop
27 Forest Ave, Locust Valley NY


Now back to me! Because after all, this is my ABOUT ME: I've had a love for the hunt of thrifting ever since I was young. It all started with clothes, looking for a great bargain from my local Salvation Army and church thrift shops. After my then fiancé and I purchased our first home in 2017, that's when it turned to housewares and décor. I spent all my extra time (& money!) every weekend hunting for the perfect pieces to fill our home.

Our family and friends (and quite frankly myself included) were so impressed on how I decorated our little cottage so fast and truly so much (insert: love of tchotchkes!) to say it mildly, on SUCH a budget. I hunt anywhere there is vintage.

This is what later planted the seed for The Thriftocrat. It started with an Instagram account to document the 'glow up' of our 1950's Stucco cottage, filled with small reno's and DIY's but later turned into a showcase for all the great things I've been finding and hoarding. A few short years later, and we're official! The Thriftocrat LLC: Curator & Dealer of Fine Vintage Goods.

I offer my services to anyone that is in need of finding the perfect piece, décor or furniture for your space. Anything you may be on the hunt for I can certainly help! I also offer: Consulting, Curating, Staging & Interior Design.

Thanks so much for learning a little about me! 


The Thriftocrat 


Photo Credit: Chrissy Brown Photography